Monday, January 21, 2008

Caster's Realm: The Meldrath Interview

SOF: The Meldrath Interview

Greetings to our new friends at Caster’s Realm,

Stone here, joined via Satellite by a power-hungry and very excited Baby Naggy, bringing you our first newscast for the Caster’s Realm News Network. If anybody has some dragon-formulated Ritalin, please be sure to send it to the studios ASAP. He’s shaking like a junkie in Amish country. Why, you ask, is our little co-anchor so revved up?

Easy answer, kids, Secrets of Faydwer has gone live and The Nagmeister is looking forward to exploring strange new lands and the various ways with which he can cook and eat the locals. He’s already crowned himself King For All of Ever and started his rampge! Clickity-click below to read on…


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