Monday, January 21, 2008

Caster's Realm: I interview Frodlin

The SB Interviews Frodlin

Greetings, fellow nerds! The SB and Baby Naggy here bringing you some more Crazytalk with another hot interview, this time with an actual real person (Shocking, we know)! We wanted to learn more about this Secrets of Faydwer business and since we’re too lazy to go exploring ourselves, we figured we’d find somebody who knows a thing or two already. We sent out our team of PR Ninjas and they came back with Frodlin, Warrior Class Correspondent and all-around kinda Awesome guy. To see what he has to say about SoF so far, clickity click below. Oh, and don’t mind the outfits, Baby Naggy and I are freaking out about Tin Man. It’s like Serenity meets Wizard of Oz meets The Awesome.


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