Monday, January 21, 2008

Caster's Realm: I interview Jess Lebow

Head on over to Caster's Realm to read my interview with Jess Lebow, Content Director of Pirates of the Burning Sea.

Crazy Talk with Jess Lebow

Posted by STONEBOTTOM on 01/21 at 05:51 PM

Holy sabattical, Batman! The SB here, coming at you from the far side of holiday break. Truth be told, this article was promised a week ago, but those Gizmodo goons IR blasted me at CES and my fragile little mind took a little extra time to recover. This week’s Crazy Talk is well worth the wait, though, as I’m not showing up to the party empty-handed. I’ve brought a keg of Swashbuckler Gold and an interview with none other than Jess Lebow, Content Director of Flying Lab Software and uber-geek extraordinaire! We took some time to yap about Pirates of the Burning Sea, user generated content (thumbs up), micro-transactions (thumbs-down), the toe-curling terror that is Splash Mountain (WTF?), and a host of other goodies. Strap yourselves in, pour yourself a grog, and feast yourself on some Jess Lebow, but feast gently – he’s a sensitive one!


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