Monday, May 3, 2010

Help me shave my head (AND defeat Type 1 Diabetes)

Want to help me raise money for charity, walk a mile in a kilt, and do it with a shaved head? The pictures alone should be worth a couple bucks. Support me in this year's JDRF Walk for a Cure by visiting:

My JDRF Walk Page

Last year I raised $240. This year, I'm upping the ante.

If I raise $500, I'll do the walk in a kilt.

If I raise $1,000, I'll shave my head. And do the walk in a kilt.

Take a few minutes, give a few bucks to a good cause, and have a few laughs at my expense!

Thanks all,

- Colin

1 comment:

John said...

When you say shave your head. We talking like Micheal Jordan BIC razor shaved?